Microbrewery Equipment

Microbrewery Equipment

The Willand team has a wealth of experience manufacturing vessels, platforms and stairways, pipe work, skid mounted units, full CIP systems, mash tuns, coppers and hot liqueur tanks, valves and fully automated systems for the micro brewery industry.

The microbrewery service includes pipework suitable for hot and cold water, steam air lines and much more.

We are adaptable so we can meet customer requirements. We work in stainless steel, mild steel, galvanised, and aluminium and can weld all materials using MIG, TIG, MMA, brazing and soldering.

In addition to fabrication we offer on site maintenance.

Complete brewing solutions

  • Jacketed Fermenting Vessel.
  • Mash Tun.
  • Copper Tank.
  • Underback.
  • Hot Liquor Tank.
  • 4 Barrel Keg Washer.

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