Willand are experienced within the fabrication and welding of stainless steel pipefittings. From a single pipe spool to complete shop fabrications and site installations we can meet customers’ needs.

Our team are fully trained and have a wealth of knowledge within the fabrication industry. We work with detailed design drawings and iso-metric layouts to create a product designed for purpose.

We also provide a pipe bending and manipulation service as well as welding services (MIG, TIG & MMA Processes).

Our commitment to customer satisfaction ensures we work with customers at every stage of the process.

We will undertake any size contract, and we work within the food and dairy industry’s Health and Safety Regulations for hygiene.


Other areas of expertise include:-

  • Services pipe work.

  • Maintenance of plant.

  • Compressed air pipe work.

  • CIP automated systems.

  • Hot water systems.

  • Skid mounted pipe work units.

  • Steam generation.

  • Steam pipe work.

  • Condensate pipe work.

  • Quality hygienic stainless steel pipe work.

  • Chilled water pipe work.

  • Jacketed stainless steel pipe work.

  • Press fit systems.

  • Vessel modifications.

  • Heat exchanger installation.

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